Nanchen dolls is a leading manufacturer of dolls, rattles, and toy animals made from high-quality natural materials. Based in Kassel, Germany, our team of 15 skilled employees creates over 200 different Nanchen models using Bioland virgin sheep's wool, organic cotton, and plant-dyed silk.

Each member of the Nanchen team has a unique job title such as "face painter", "inner head roller", "doll doctor", or "wig crocheter". The one requirement for working at Nanchen is a passion for handicrafts and taking pride in one's work.

We love Nanchen because they help us to curate beautiful and sustainable toys that bring joy to children and adults alike.

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On Sale
Nanchen Organic Doll - Johannes Nanchen
On Sale
Nanchen frieda doll
Nanchen Red Cape Doll
Nanchen Organic Cotton Waldorf Doll "Zausel" Pink Nanchen