Stuffed Animals

boy with senger organic cotton bear

Did you know stuffed animals aren't just adorable and huggable, but they also have some pretty cool benefits? These plush friends can keep you company when you're feeling a bit lonely and be your go-to confidant for sharing secrets. The best part? They'll never spill the beans!

Stuffed animals don't require any feeding or walking, unlike real pets, so they're super low-maintenance. Plus, they can help provide a sense of comfort and security during times of stress or even scary thunderstorms. 

We feature natural stuffed animals by Senger, Efie, and Pat & Patty. Each are made of the finest workmanship in Germany with organic cotton and filled with pure wool. 

We also carry some stuffed animals that feature an inner pouch that can be warmed and reinserted into the animal for extra warmth.