Wooden Vehicles


boy playing with fagus jeep outside

Playing with wooden cars, trucks, and construction equipment is not just a fun activity for children, but also an important aspect of their play and development. Wooden toys offer a sensory experience, as children can feel the texture of the natural materials and develop fine motor skills while manipulating them.

Playing with vehicles and construction toys allows children to engage in imaginative play, developing creativity, problem-solving, and social skills as they interact with other children.

Furthermore, playing with wooden toys encourages children to learn about the physical world, as they explore concepts like cause and effect and develop an understanding of how things work. Overall, wooden cars, trucks, and construction equipment are valuable tools for children to learn and grow through play.

We love introducing our customers to the wonderful world of Fagus cars and trucks from Germany, as well as the ever popular Bajo cars and trucks from Poland. You will find a wide range of products from these companies in this collection.

Fagus Fagus Wooden "Unimog" Truck - blueottertoys-FA10.02
Fagus Fagus Wooden Hay Wagon - blueottertoys-FA10.23
Fagus Fagus Modern Wooden Tractor - blueottertoys-FA10.29
Fagus Fagus - Dumper Trailer - blueottertoys-FA10.46
Fagus Fagus - Snowplough Extension - blueottertoys-FA14.06
Fagus Fagus Wooden Farm Cart - blueottertoys-FA10.22
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Fagus Fagus Wooden Forklift Truck - Made in Germany - blueottertoys-FA10.43
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Fagus Fagus Wooden Fire Truck - Made in Germany - blueottertoys-FA10.48
Fagus Fagus Tower Crane - Made in Germany - blueottertoys-FA10.40
Fagus Fagus Conveyor Belt - blueottertoys-FA10.58
Fagus Fagus Wooden Car, Oldie - blueottertoys-FA11.03
Fagus Fagus Wooden Tractor - blueottertoys-FA10.21
Fagus Fagus Wooden Euro Pallets (Two) - Made in Germany - blueottertoys-FA20.84
Fagus Fagus Wooden Loading Fork - Made in Germany - blueottertoys-FA30.38
Fagus Fagus Wooden Speedy Race Car - blueottertoys-FA11.01
Fagus Fagus Wooden Stacking Box - Made in Germany - blueottertoys-FA20.85
Fagus Fagus Wooden Sweeper Extension - blueottertoys-FA14.08
On Sale
On Sale
Fagus Fagus Wooden Bulldozer - blueottertoys-FA12.05
Bajo Left Right Turning Retro Race Car by Bajo, Green - blueottertoys-BJ47210G
Fagus Fagus Mini Wooden Car Transporter - blueottertoys-FA12.07
Fagus Fagus Wooden Recycling Truck - Special Edition - blueottertoys-FA10.66E
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Bajo Double Decker Bus by Bajo - blueottertoys-BJ41530
Fagus Fagus Wooden Container Truck LKW - Mini - blueottertoys-FA12.09
Fagus Fagus Wooden Ambulance - blueottertoys-FA12.04
Fagus Fagus Wooden Fire Engine with Ladder - blueottertoys-FA12.02
Fagus Fagus Wooden Mini Tanker Truck - blueottertoys-FA12.06
Debresk Debresk Small Dump Truck - blueottertoys-MC70200021
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Debresk Debresk Small Fire Truck - blueottertoys-MC70200023
Debresk Debresk Small Delivery Van - blueottertoys-MC70200024
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Debresk Debresk Small Car - blueottertoys-MC70200028