Natural Toys & Games

Boy playing with holztiger horse and ocamora rainbow blocks

Step into a world of natural wonders with our curated collection of eco-friendly toys and games.

Discover the joy of play with our enchanting wooden toy cars and sturdy Fagus wooden trucks, and wooden wagons, built to withstand countless adventures. Develop balance skills with our beautifully crafted wooden balance boards.

Release your creativity with our captivating stacking rainbow blocks and other Waldorf inspired toys designed to inspire imaginative play. Explore the intricate details of Ostheimer  and Holztiger wooden figures, bringing nature's charm into your child's hands. 

Fagus Wooden "Unimog" Truck Fagus
Senger Organic Cotton Rabbit - challenge and fun natural toys - 2
Ostheimer Rabbit with Ears Low Ostheimer
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Fagus Wooden Hay Wagon Fagus
Ostheimer Wooden Rabbit, Sitting Ostheimer
Fagus - Dumper Trailer Fagus
Fagus Modern Wooden Tractor Fagus
Fagus - Snowplough Extension Fagus
Ostheimer Wooden Unicorn Ostheimer
Fagus Wooden Farm Cart Fagus
Ostheimer Cat Sitting Ostheimer
Ostheimer Mouse Ostheimer
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Fagus Wooden Forklift Truck - Made in Germany Fagus
Ostheimer Fox Running Ostheimer
Ostheimer Horse Brown Ostheimer
Organic Cotton Cow Washcloth Puppet (NEW!) (6) Furnis
Ostheimer Wooden Figure - Red Deer, Fawn Standing
Ostheimer Bremen Cat
Ostheimer Hedgehog Ostheimer
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Ostheimer Chick Dark Ostheimer
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Senger Organic Cotton Sheep - challengeandfunretail
Bear, small, sitting
Ostheimer Goat Kid Standing Ostheimer
Ostheimer Wolf Ostheimer
Ostheimer Chick Light Ostheimer
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Ostheimer Wooden Fence, small
Ostheimer Fox Sitting, Large Ostheimer
Ostheimer Hen, Brown Picking Ostheimer
Ostheimer Cat, Gray and White, Head Up Ostheimer
Ostheimer Wooden Fence Ostheimer
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