Wooden Figures

Girl playing with Ostheimer animals - Blue Otter Toys

Explore the enchanting realm of wooden animal figures, a collection featuring the artistry of Ostheimer and Holztiger. Ostheimer, hailing from Germany's Erz Mountain region, offers a vibrant array of animals in bright colors and natural wood grains. Their unique, handcrafted designs include playful penguins, elegant deer, and lively ducks, each piece showcasing generations of woodcarving and painting heritage.

Holztiger, from Romania, presents a rustic, minimalist style. Their creations, like gentle buffalos, inquisitive giraffes, and expressive horses, highlight the natural beauty of wood with a focus on texture and form. Each piece is a testament to simple, raw artistry.

These wooden treasures, blending whimsy and soul, create a diverse menagerie that captivates and inspires. Welcome to a world where Europe's finest wooden figure crafting traditions come alive!

Ostheimer Ostheimer Horse Brown - blueottertoys-MV11112
Ostheimer Ostheimer Hen, Brown Picking - blueottertoys-MV13123
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Rabbit, Sitting - blueottertoys-MV15001
Ostheimer Ostheimer Rooster, Brown - blueottertoys-MV13121
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Ostheimer Ostheimer Rabbit with Ears Low - blueottertoys-MV15004
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Ostheimer Ostheimer Figurine Wooden Bremen Town Donkey - blueottertoys-MV26304
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Ostheimer Ostheimer Wolf - blueottertoys-MV25401
Ostheimer Ostheimer Chick Light - blueottertoys-MV13118
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Ostheimer Ostheimer Sheep Feeding - blueottertoys-MV11603
Holztiger Wooden Cow by Holztiger - blueottertoys-HT80003
Holztiger Holztiger Mole or Groundhog - blueottertoys-HT80542
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Holztiger Holztiger Wooden Seal - blueottertoys-HT80350
Holztiger Holztiger Wooden Brown Horse, Running - blueottertoys-HT80034
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Holztiger Holztiger Allosaurus Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80333
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Holztiger Holztiger Little Blue Whale Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80196
Holztiger Holztiger Owl Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80121
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Holztiger Holztiger Donkey Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80046
Holztiger Holztiger Chicken Pecking - blueottertoys-HT80016
Holztiger Holztiger Wooden Pig - blueottertoys-HT80064
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Holztiger Holztiger Calf Black Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80006
Holztiger Holztiger Boar, Dappled - blueottertoys-HT80068
Holztiger Holztiger Little Penguin Heads Up - blueottertoys-HT80212
Holztiger Holztiger Polar Bear Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80206
Holztiger Holztiger Princess Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80239
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Holztiger Holztiger Pig Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80065
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Holztiger Holztiger Donkey Running Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80047
Holztiger Holztiger Medium Palm Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80230
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Holztiger Holztiger Triceratops Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80336
Holztiger Holztiger Brontosaurus Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80332
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Holztiger Holztiger Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80331
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Holztiger Holztiger Horse Standing Toy Figure, Light Brown - blueottertoys-HT80033
Holztiger Holztiger Blue Whale with Water Fountain Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80195
Holztiger Holztiger Turtle Toy Figure, Green - blueottertoys-HT80545
Holztiger Holztiger Stork Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80111
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Holztiger Holztiger Piglet Spotted Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80070
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Holztiger Holztiger Orca Whale - blueottertoys-HT80197
Holztiger Holztiger Little Farm Dog Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80059
Holztiger Holztiger Badger Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80539
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Holztiger Holztiger Giraffe Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80154
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Holztiger Holztiger Drake Swimming Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80022
Holztiger Holztiger Deer Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80088
Holztiger Holztiger Little Conifer Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80221
Holztiger Holztiger Fox Standing Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80095
Holztiger Holztiger Tiger Standing Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80136
Holztiger Holztiger Calf Standing Toy Figure, Brown Spotted - blueottertoys-HT80012
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Holztiger Holztiger Little Toadstool - blueottertoys-HT80353
Holztiger Holztiger (80062) Dalmatian Dog Toy Figure - blueottertoys-HT80062
Holztiger Wooden Cow, Grazing, by Holztiger - blueottertoys-HT80002