Two girls playing an auris glockenspiel

Auris crafts exquisite musical instruments renowned for elegant design and true tone. Founded in Sweden in 1978, Aurios' string, wind, and percussion instruments harmonize sight, touch, and sound.

Catering to professionals, educators, therapists and families, Auris instruments are made in Sweden and exported globally nurturing musical creativity worldwide. Auris integrates people with learning disabilities into production and is dedicated to social responsibility. Each Auris instrument embodies natural acoustics and aesthetic beauty.

We are excited to offer you a nice range of glockenspiel and lyres or harps for your music program, whether in an institutional or home setting.

Auris Auris 7 Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel Curved (KPB) - blueottertoys-MC55210045
Auris Auris Stirring Zylophone Drum, Melody (RTS) - blueottertoys-AR-RTS
Auris Auris Diatonic Glockenspiel 8 Tone (KAD-908) - blueottertoys-AR-KAD-908
Auris Auris Glockenspiel Xylophone Diatonic Rounded 8 Tone (KDB-008) - blueottertoys-AR-KDB-008
Auris Auris Classic Stir Xylophone Drum (RTK) - blueottertoys-MC55210041
Auris Auris Stirring Zylophone Drum, Wave (RTV) - blueottertoys-AR-RTV
Auris Auris 12 Note Diatonic Curved Body Glockenspiel (KDB-12) - blueottertoys-AR-KDB-012
Auris Auris 7 Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel (KPQ) - blueottertoys-AR-KPQ
Auris Replacement Strings for Auris Lyre - Harp - blueottertoys-AR-LSS-100
Auris Auris - My Little Lyre - Pentatonic 7 String Harp (LBP) - blueottertoys-AR-LBP
Auris Auris - Seven Tone - Pentatonic Lyre (LNP) - blueottertoys-AR-LNP
Auris Auris - Pentatonic Children's Harp - Seven (7) Strings (LOP) - blueottertoys-AR-LOP
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