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Organic Cotton Fox Washcloth Puppet (NEW!) (6)

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What do we love about foxes? That they live in families, sharing joint territory. They like to get along with each other.

What do we love about this fox washcloth puppet? We love that it is made with organic cotton, in Europe, and is adorable!

It won't be long before this little fox is your child's favorite bath toy - whether they are wearing the child size puppet, or your hand is playing the part of the fox with the larger size.  

These washcloth puppets aren't like some that are thin and cheap feeling - they are made with high quality organic cotton, free of any harmful substances, so your child will be cleaner when they leave the bath, than when they went in.

  • Size: 4x6" (small) / 6x9" (large)
  • Materials: Organic Certified Cotton (100%)
  • Made in Europe