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Senger Organic Cotton Cuddly Animal Rabbit, Large

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A cozy, bunny friend to cuddle and love. Made of soft, organic cotton, stuffed with lambswool, with a spelt-filled insert that can be gently warmed. The body is 16" from nose to tail and approximately 12" from the back to toes. Just the right size for taking on adventures, reading a book with, and taking to bed at night for sweet, bunny-filled dreams.

These 100% organic cotton rabbits from Senger are handmade in Germany and filled with pure wool.  We love the attention that Senger gives to design, quality of materials, and craftsmanship.  Each rabbit is made with love. We think you will love your Senger rabbit too!

Just as rabbits in nearby meadows come in all colors and sizes, we have rabbits in other sizes and colors too; have a peek! White rabbits, beige rabbits, soft and cuddly floppy bunnies, and a tiny, baby bunny! We also have a smaller version of this cuddly bunny that can also be warmed and cooled.

  • All Ages
  • 100% organic cotton, filled with pure wool
  • Spelt-filled insert
  • Made in Germany
  • Large Size (16" from Nose to Tail)