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Senger Organic Cotton Goose Warming Pillow (Grey)

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Many children may also be aware of the story, the Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Holgersson) which is about a boy that is turned into a Tomte (a Swedish gnome-like figure) and runs off with a goose to travel the world. This goose can certainly play the part of the goose in the story.

The cotton is made from sustainably-produced hand-picked cotton.  The eyes are embroidered, so there is no fear of anything ever coming loose.

Small Goose (15" Cherry Pits): The cherry pits are in an inner, removable bag that can be warmed in the oven (do not microwave) or cooled in the freezer (for aches and pains).  Perfect for cold nights, or when feeling under the weather.  Children will love to cuddle up to this friendly, soft goose.  

  • Organic, Handpicked Cotton
  • Embroidered Eyes
  • Cherry Pits for Warming or Cooling
  • Made in Germany
  • Size: Small Goose (15")

Large Goose (31" Spelt): Comes with a removable inner bag with spelt, that can be warmed in the oven. 

  • Organic, Handpicked Cotton
  • Embroidered Eyes
  • Spelt for Warming
  • Made in Germany
  • Size: Large Goose (31")

Also available in White!