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Shadows in The Woods Board Game - Waldshattenspiel | German

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Unlock a thrilling adventure in your own living room with deluxe Shadows in The Woods Board Game (Waldshattenspiel) by Kraul Germany.

YES! This is the German version, with wooden parts.

Our family first played this cooperative Shadows in The Woods Board Game recently. It was a hit - even with our older children (at least for now). 

How to play Shadows in The Woods Board Game?

You turn off all the lights and light up the tealight. The children hide the gnomes in the forest. Now the adult rolls the dice and moves the tealight through the forest looking to discover the gnomes - and if they are discovered with the light, they "freeze" in place until they can be rescued. Discovering the gnomes isn't that easy, because the elves can be moved from tree to tree - hiding in the shadows.

Trees and gnomes are solid wood. The playing board is put together like a puzzle. And before the first time you play, you can glue the little felt hats onto the gnomes; you can even add beards if you have a bit of wool! The entire experience is a pure delight, from start to finish!

What is the difference between Shadows in The Woods Board Game and Shadows in the Forest?

Our offered game, "Shadows in the Woods," features an exquisite design with wooden components. It is important to note that there exists another game, "Shadows in the Forest," licensed by the same company to a U.S. game maker, distinguished by its use of plastic parts. Our version, "Shadows in the Woods," boasts a unique appeal with its finely crafted wooden elements, setting it apart from the plastic variant, "Shadows in the Forest."

A great game to play in the dark of winter, or during a blackout.

  • 2-8 players
  • Made in Germany
  • Box Dimensions: 23-1/2 x 15-2/3"
  • Materials: Wood and carded material (contains no plastic)