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Wooden Moon Calendar

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The Moon, in addition to being our natural satellite, is also one of the most interesting and striking natural phenomena that can be observed in the night sky.

This makes it a source of fascination for both children and adults but, in the specific case of the little ones, it is also very interesting because of the changes that are observed on the Moon as the days pass and its phases change.

With our puzzle, you will be able to represent and observe the evolution in each of the form phases.

Includes a moon calendar guide.

  • Handmade with sustainable or recovered wood
  • Made in Spain
  • Ages 3+
  • Size: Approx 8.5" wide (middle approx 3")
  • Material: Poplar base
  • Free of varnish and paint; Finished with 100% natural oils to protect the wood
  • **NOTE the picture depicts the middles pieces as 1/2 white/black. The actual product is 1/2 natural white/natural brown.**