Toys for Baby

Welcome to our collection of sustainable and beautifully crafted baby toys! Our top brands include Haba, Nanchen, Keptin-Jr, and other American and European handmade manufacturers. Our toys are made with natural materials like organic cotton and wood, promoting sustainable and open-ended play with minimal waste.

We offer rattles, teethers, dolls, blocks, grasping and clutching toys, all designed to stimulate your baby's development while being gentle on the environment. Our brands prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes, ensuring high quality and safety standards for your little ones. Shop our collection for beautifully designed and environmentally conscious baby toys, crafted with love and care.

Nanchen Nanchen Organic Cotton Waldorf Doll "Pimpel" with Teething Ring - blueottertoys-NC101433
Nanchen Nanchen Small Organic Bunny Rattle - blueottertoys-NC880413
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Keptin-Jr Foot Rattle Booties - Frog (Green) - blueottertoys-KJ71.17.3
Handcrafted Toys Duck Clutching Toy - blueottertoys-ST10910k
Handcrafted Toys Elephant Clutching Toy - blueottertoys-ST10940
Pat & Patty Pat & Patty Organic Cotton Owl Rattle - blueottertoys-PT-EUR-7BW
Keptin-Jr Organic Rattle Boyo Doll, Blue 7" - blueottertoys-KJ48.01.3
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Keptin-Jr Cuddle Rabby (4) - blueottertoys-KJ48.04.2
Keptin-Jr Rabby Rattle - blueottertoys-KJ48.70.1
Keptin-Jr Organic Rattle Boyo Doll 7" - blueottertoys-KJ48.70.2
Haba Haba Triangle Clutching Toy - blueottertoys-HB1291
Atelier Fischer Atelier Fischer Wooden Farm Animals Book - blueottertoys-AF7008
Atelier Fischer Atelier Fischer Wooden Little Red Riding Hood Book - blueottertoys-AF7011
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