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das.Brett Wooden Waldorf Curvy Rocker Board, Mint - Lacquered

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 Das Brett = The Board 

Balance exercises have always been an essential part of children's play and are vital for their physical development.

So, how do you play with it? A child’s imagination has no limits, so no instructions are necessary! Children may balance, kneel, or lie down on the board or turn it into a slide, a bridge, or even into a pirate ship!

Not that children need to have all the fun, das.Brett curvy board is fun for adults and is the perfect fitness accessory for teenagers and adults.

Numerous activities can be done on das.Brett to train your stomach, back, glutes, and legs as you would at the gym. To really turn up the heat on your workout, do a trampoline-style bounce on the edges while exercising! No other "Rocking Board" on the market is flexible enough to bounce like das.Brett!

Discover our diverse training program that includes warm-up, cardio, stamina, and stretching exercises — all included in an illustrated manual, included with every purchase of das .Brett!

Where does it come from?

The inspiration for das.Brett (The Board) comes from Waldorf education specialists who pioneered the use of natural materials to stimulate child development by constructing seesaws out of split, hollowed-out tree trunks. This simple wooden seesaw was the forerunner of das.Brett from TicToys in Germany!

Learn more about the team that makes TicToys, well..."Tick".


The beechwood for das.Brett is made with sustainably forested wood, certified in North Rhine-Westphalia. Pollution-free wood glue is used for the connection of the wood veneers. Das.Brett boards use water-based ecological colors (lacquered version), and oils in the oiled version, all produced in Germany. No solvents are used.

  • Made in Germany
  • Beechwood -Lacquered
  • Available with or without cork on the bottom for extra grip
  • All Ages
  • 34x11x7-1/2"