Behind the Scenes at a Blue Otter Photo Shoot

Sarah's Silks, play silks
Did you know that the photos on our site are taken by our good friend and often feature our own children and their friends? And sometimes even our dog! Our photo shoots are more like playdates. One of my favorite things to do is to set up an "invitation to play" and then simply watch the children naturally gravitate toward and engage with the toys. Children don't need instructions; they know how to play! We let them do their good work of play while our photographer friend takes photos as unobtrusively as possible. 

Holtztiger wooden animals and figures

Sometimes this means they put the wooden animals to sleep in a bed of sand. 

Raduga grez tea set Keptin Jr organic soft dolls

Other times they invite their babies from one shoot set up to the tea party set up and it all flows beautifully!

Sarah's Silks Raduga Grez Tea Set Organic Keptin Jr Soft Doll

Occasionally you have to wait for the grownups, doing grown up things, and all you want to do is have a tea party with your friend! This sweet tea party was set up by this little boy all by himself! We had finished shooting the tea set, but he wasn't done playing with it and decided to have another tea party of his own! Don't worry, he was soon joined by his friend and some stuffed animals :)

Raduga Grez wooden tea set Keptin Jr organic soft doll

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