Wooden Toys

Welcome to our collection of beautiful wooden toys, crafted from natural materials to promote sustainable, open-ended play. Most of our wooden toys are made in Europe and the USA. You will find wooden vehicles, animal figures, swords and shields, blocks, dramatic play, and wooden fruits and vegetables. At Blue Otter Toys we value high quality, sustainability, and beauty, ensuring each toy is a lasting heirloom that can be cherished for generations.

We believe in minimal waste and sustainable practices, which is why our wooden toys are designed to last a lifetime. Some of our more popular brands include Haba, Fagus, Wooden Story, Raduga Grez, Ostheimer, and Bajo. These wooden toys are educational as they are designed to promote a child's imagination, and creativity while teaching them about the natural world around them.


Challenge & Fun Wooden Sword of the Halflings - blueottertoys-HZ63501
Challenge & Fun Dagger with Dark Wooden Sheath - blueottertoys-HZ19204-2
Fagus Fagus Wooden Recycling Truck - Special Edition - blueottertoys-FA10.66E
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Holztiger Holztiger Wooden Figure - Small Tiger - blueottertoys-HT80137
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Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Chaffinch - blueottertoys-MV16803
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Wagtail Bird - blueottertoys-MV16802
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Woodpecker - blueottertoys-MV16810
Auris Auris 7 Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel (KPQ) - blueottertoys-AR-KPQ
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Brown Sheep, Eating - blueottertoys-MV11653
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Frog, Jumping - blueottertoys-MV1637
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Stork - blueottertoys-MV1643
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Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Donkey, Stubborn - blueottertoys-MV11202
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Donkey, Running - blueottertoys-MV11203
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Snail - blueottertoys-MV1633
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Camel, Small - blueottertoys-MV20902
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Crocodile - blueottertoys-MV2103
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Lion, Small Head High - blueottertoys-MV20006
Ostheimer Ostheimer Wooden Zebra, Small - blueottertoys-MV2075