Five Sinless Sweets (No Refined Sugar, and SO tasty!)

Honey lemon polenta cake no refined sugar, sweetened with honey

Five delicious treats that are practically healthy enough for breakfast! We've taste-tested and approved each one. While they certainly qualify as healthy, they definitely don't sacrifice anything in the flavor department!

This lemon polenta cake is unusual, surprising and so tasty! It's the honey and lemon sauce that you pour over at the end that makes it so irresistible. A wonderful, sunshiney, springtime dessert, it looks lovely sprinkled with bright, yellow forsythia blooms (They're edible! Did you bring some inside to bloom early this year?).  

My three-year old requested this maple cheesecake with blueberry sauce for her birthday. It satisfies even the most discerning cheesecake lover (and the pickiest toddlers!) without an ounce of refined sugar. 

Honey caramels, no refined sugar

These honey caramels require a candy thermometer and can be a bit fussy, but they are totally worth it! One summer we accidentally left the back door open and a dozen neighborhood bees followed the scent of honey right into our kitchen!

Maple pecan pie, no refined sugar, sweetened with maple syrup

We make this pecan pie every year for Thanksgiving; unlike the traditional, corn syrup version, this one doesn't leave you in a sugar coma! I think it tastes even better. And you don't have to wait until Thanksgiving to make it ;) 

And finally, healthy fruit snacks! I often felt bad denying my kids the yummy treats their peers had. But these little gummies are so good and, amazingly, packed with protein and amino acids! 

A big thanks to Carrie Vitt at Deliciously Organic, Aube Giroux of Kitchen Vignettes and Annie of Natural Sweet Recipes for sharing their photos and, of course, wonderful recipes! 

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