Happy National "I AM" Day

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National "I Am" day is not just a day to remind us to move the clock forward; it is also a day to celebrate the importance of believing in ourselves and our unique abilities and strengths.

Here is a poem in celebration of "I AM" Day.


On National "I Am" Day, we celebrate

All the things that make us great

From the things we like to do

To the things that make us feel brand new

Some of us are quiet and shy

While others love to reach up high

To the skies above, we dare to dream

And see the world in a different beam

Some of us love to paint and draw

While others like to read and explore

New worlds and ideas to be found

In books and stories all around

Some of us love to run and play

While others love to learn and create

The possibilities are endless, it's true
There's no limit to what we can do

So on this special day, let's all say

"I am unique, in every way!"

And celebrate the person we are

For we are all a shining star

So let's embrace ourselves, and all we love

And rise up high like a soaring dove 
For on National "I Am" Day we see

All the magic and wonder inside of me!

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Image from Pexel​​

And here is a song, by our favorite children's singer/songwriter, Charlie Hope. "I'm Me" is a song celebrating the miracle and wonder in the uniqueness in each of us.

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