How Singing Together Can Benefit Your Family

How Singing Together Can Benefit Your Family

About Meg Chittenden

Meg Chittenden, the creator of At Home in Harmony, believes that "Singing is our birth right as human beings. The voice is our most essential instrument. It travels with us wherever we go and is a vital and potent pathway for human connection."

"When we sing in harmony, we learn to stay true to our own voices while tuning in deeply to those around us. It's a beautiful form of collaboration that is as powerful and uplifting as it is uniquely human." Many families struggle with sibling conflicts and a desire for more peace in the home. There is reason to believe that learning to truly listen to each other, in order to sing in harmony, leads to a greater ability to truly listen and see others' perspectives.

About At Home in Harmony

Experiencing joy together is deeply unifying and a wonderful way to build unity in a family. Meg's book is full of songs that range from joyful to soothing to festive and comes with a teaching CD. You can listen to each part as a separate track and then listen to all the parts sung together. Songs vary in the level of difficulty; there are songs for beginning singers and young children, as well as for more advanced singers. You can add in multiple parts and rhythm elements or simply enjoy singing the melody with your family.

Our family enjoys practicing the songs on long car rides. It's a pleasant way to pass the time that all ages can participate in. You may find that as you sing these songs together, that come from cultures and languages spanning the globe, that you will feel an increased sense of peace and unity in your own family and home as well.

Watch the Video

In the video below, Meg sings the song Elk Herd (included in the book and teaching CD!) to accompany a cranky she made with her husband and 8th-grade students at the Bay School, a Waldorf school on the coast of Maine. You can bring a bit of this magic into your own home with At Home in Harmony!

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