What does Intuitive Parenting Mean in Practical Terms?

What does Intuitive Parenting Mean in Practical Terms?

I was recently having a conversation about intuitive parenting and asked the clarifying question: is intuitive parenting based on the idea of taking back one's own innate ability to know what's best for their child, by being mindful and present?

In other words, in a world of experts - which sometimes conflict with their message - is the world of child rearing advice becoming like a religion? Must we adhere to all of the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner at the expense of Maria Montessori, or other more contemporary experts. Or, even more concerning, do we at times drown out our own voice an intuition ceding these things to the "experts?"

Here is a summary of the response that I received in relation my question: 


Intuitive parenting is an approach to parenting that emphasizes the importance of being attuned to your child's needs and relying on your own intuition and instincts as a parent to guide your decisions and actions. This involves being mindful and present with your child, observing and listening to their cues and signals, and responding in a way that feels natural and authentic to you as a parent.

The idea behind intuitive parenting is that parents have an innate ability to know what's best for their child, but this ability can sometimes be clouded or obscured by external influences, such as societal expectations, cultural norms, or well-meaning advice from others. By being mindful and present with your child, and tuning in to your own instincts and intuition, you can cultivate a deeper connection with your child and make parenting decisions that are in alignment with your own values and beliefs.

However, it is important to note that intuitive parenting is not about abandoning all external sources of support and guidance. Rather, it involves using your intuition as a complement to other sources of information and support, such as medical advice, expert opinions, and the experiences of other parents.


In other words, we must cultivate our understanding our child, bolstered with the knowledge that has been gained over the centuries, being able to customize this knowledge to our specific child in their specific situation. It doesn't mean "I know best - I don't need any outside information" rather it means, I have an innate ability (should I choose to cultivate it) to apply the known knowledge to the amazing task I have of raising healthy, well-rounded children.


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