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Atelier Fischer Mosaic Block Set in Wooden Case - 16 Blocks

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Beautiful wooden mosaic block puzzle in wooden case. Includes 16 finely crafted blocks. The colorful printing is immaculately produced in Switzerland. Improves observation, creativity, observation, and is a fun way to learn about patterns and design.  High enough quality to give as a business gift, or as a gift that will last generations.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Materials: Maple Cubes / Spruce Box
  • Size: Box 5x5x1.5"  Cubes: 1"

About Atelier Fischer

Located at the foot of the Alps, in scenic Schwarzenburg, Switzerland, Atelier Fischer is a family-owned business that has been making high-quality toys since 1975. The passion they have toward their product is clear from the visible quality of each item, as they hold in high regard tradition and “Swissness,” to ensure that that each toy is something that is very special.

According to Atelier Fischer, “All our wooden toys are Swiss Made, as they are 100% products of our workshops. Games from Atelier Fischer have a timeless quality and are both educational and entertaining. They promote children’s creativity, while at the same time being just as loved by adults.”

Atelier Fischer toys meet the most stringent safety standards, and their quality of workmanship is matched only by the beauty of the design.

Their toys can be found all over the world.