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Auris - Seven Tone - Pentatonic Lyre

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A basic pentatonic lyre for introduction of music to the child. For use at home, in the kindergarten by musical games and storytelling and much more. It is commonly used in Waldorf schools.

The 7-STRINGED LYRE is tuned in a pentatonic scale which allows the fingers to move freely over the strings always producing a harmonic tune. Due to the special shape of the body, the lyre allows the wood to reveal all its inherent sound qualities. This sound is especially rich with overtones and you experience a rainbow-like range of sound colors. It makes a wonderful gift you will be proud of giving. Includes a tuning wrench and an instruction sheet, containing more tips and tricks regarding how to use your new instrument.

Seven tone pentatonic lyre: 7 Strings d' - e' - g' - b' - d" - e"


  • Handmade in Sweden with Maple Wood
  • Opening Allows Harp to be played with both hands
  • 7 Strings d' - e' - g' - h' - d" - e"
  • Size: 15". Includes Tuner