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Eco-Blocks with Bark, Set of 36

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Eco-blocks are made from natural reclaimed wood and retain their natural branch shapes. It is a classic Waldorf toy that offers imaginative ways to build and create. Eco-blocks pieces are cut in 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10cm. Children will find that 6+6 is the same as 8+4 and so on, a gentle introduction to foundational math skills, building a foundation of intrinsic comprehension. This set contains discs, bridges, and walls with doors and windows, offering myriad building possibilities. The organic shapes and texture of the natural bark sides are nourishing to a child's sense of touch and create a deeper connection with their play and imagination.

  • 36 pieces, plus cotton, drawstring, storage bag
  • Made of FSC certified alder, hazel and white beech; surface oiled with linseed oil.
  • Wipe clean with damp rag and mild soap.
  • Made in Europe
  • Pieces are 1-3"w, up to 7"l
  • Recommended for 3+
  • Due to the nature of this item, each shape of block might vary from set to set, and the natural discoloration and faults in wood are to be expected, that is a natural process. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. 
  • **Bag color will vary**