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Haba Counting Friends Wood Layering Puzzle 1 to 5

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Our favorite song is the Frog Song by Charlie Hope (on her CD "I'm Me!"), where Charlie is counting the frogs eating on a log. This puzzle also encourages children to count as they learn about nature around them.

A fun activity with a parent or sibling this puzzle has just 5 pieces that layer on each other, each depicting a different animal or insect.

  • Material: Beechwood
  • Age: 1-2
  • Contains: One puzzle board with 5 pieces

HABA is a German company with a long history of deep commitment to high-quality design, safety, and social & environmental responsibility. This item is designed in Germany and made with strict care in China. HABA employees regularly visit and inspect our partner suppliers and hold them to the highest quality standards and working conditions. Prior to market placement, the safety of the materials, the engineering process, the mechanical endurance testing, and the actual use of our products are all tested and documented by independent, third-party testing institutes.