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Orchard Game by Haba

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This is the classic game from Haba that has sold over 3 million copies!

In this cooperative game, players roll the die to collect the fruit from the trees before the raven can steal them. The Haba Orchard game is designed to nurture social skills, develop color (and fruit) recognition, and teach counting by ones.

A fun game for the whole family.  In this cooperative game, the goal is to harvest the red cherries, yellow pears, green apples, and blue plums from the orchard before the raven is able to get them. Roll the dice to see what fruit you can harvest.  Watch out for the raven!  If you roll a raven, a piece of the raven is put in the middle of the board.  You must harvest all the fruit before the raven is complete.

A slightly more simple version of this game is also available.

  •  Ages: 3-6 Years
  • Number of Players: 1-8
  • Time to Play: 10-15 minutes
  • Materials: Wood Fruit / Carded Board
  • Size: 9x9x3"
  • Made in Germany

Contents: 10 apples, 10 pears, 10 pairs of cherries, 10 plums, 4 baskets, 1 raven jigsaw (9 pieces), 1 color die with symbols, 1 game board