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Goslings will bond with the first suitable moving stimulus - whether this is a goose, person, or even objects. They will remain dedicated to that person or object as their "parent" through the rest of their lives.  I'm sure this little goose will be almost as dedicated to the youngster that decides to adopt it as their own.
  • Made in Germany
  • Size: 3-1/4" high
  • Made from local, sustainably harvested wood such as ash, maple, and birch
  • Ostheimer uses eco-friendly, saliva-resistant, non-toxic colors.

About Ostheimer: 

Ostheimer was founded over 40 years ago, by Margarethe Ostheimer who has become the quintessence of natural and creative play. the wondrous array of wooden animals, castles, knights, people, and more, have been designed as an alternative to the world of plastic taking over our children’s lives.

The wooden toys from Ostheimer have been lovingly hand-crafted throughout the production process.

The quality comes through in the beautiful array of soft colors and smooth surfaces, all of which are protected from aging by natural oils.

Ostheimer uses eco-friendly, saliva resistant, non-toxic colors. Ostheimer toys are made from the local, sustainably harvested wood such as ash, maple, and birch.