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Stockmar Block Crayons in Wooden Box 24 Colors

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Stockmar 24 Stick Crayons in Wooden Box

Stockmar Wax Crayons are the leading crayons for Waldorf schools and kindergartens. Their properties are second to none - no crumbling, sticking, smudging etc.. They are non-toxic and designed to last without breaking easily like so many others do.
The wax blocks are made from the same material as the stick crayons. The size and shape allow small hands to grip them just right. They have options between fine drawing (on the corners) versus broad strokes with the long edge. 
These wax blocks open up a world of artistic possibilities at a very young age.
This set is a complete set of 24 colors in a durable wooden case.
  • Made in Germany
  • Includes durable wooden case with sliding lid
  • Crayon size: 3-1/4"
  • Colors included:
    • carmine red
    • vermilion
    • orange
    • golden yellow
    • lemon yellow
    • yellow green
    • green
    • blue green
    • blue
    • ultramarine
    • blue violet
    • purple
    • rust
    • yellow
    • brown
    • black
    • white
    • grey
    • prussian blue
    • cobalt blue
    • yellow ochre
    • venetian red
    • umber
    • olive green
    • pink