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Senger Organic Cotton Pig

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Some people think that pigs are slow and lumbering.  Actually, they are rather fast, with adult pigs able to run up to 11 mph, or put another way, they can run a seven-mile minute! I have a feeling they would beat me in a race. (Learn more about pigs here)

This soft little pig on the other hand has no interest in walking or running, but is much more comfortable being carried around. It loves to be cuddled and loved.

Then there is the issue of pigs and cleanliness.  You may have heard that pigs are some of the cleanest animals around, and on that point, this pig is no exception - both inside and out.  It has lovely organic cotton skin, with a velvety smooth feel and is filled with pure wool.

  • All Ages
  • 12" Tall
  • 100% Sustainablly Harvested Organic Cotton
  • Filled with pure wool
  • Made in Germany