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Senger Organic Cotton Sheep

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Sheep tend to have poor eyesight, but a good sense of hearing.  They are also known to be very social.  I think these traits are good ones for a stuffed animal that could become a life-long friend.

Sheep as social beings makes for a good friend, but I also think that combination of poor sight, good ears, helps the sheep be less judgmental about what it sees, but makes it a very good listener.  Sometimes children have things to say, that only their most trusted stuffie is able to hear.  These are just a couple of things that make a Senger Sheep a great choice to give to a child.

Of course, there are other wonderful things about this little lamb such as the organic cotton that is lovingly sewn in Germany. Their bodies are carefully stuffed with, well, sheep's wool, that, well, was perhaps provided by a "friend" of theirs back on the farm.

We carry only the best-stuffed animals, and we think that you will find Senger animals to be up to the highest standards for your natural baby. 

  • All Ages
  • 100% Sustainably Harvested Organic Cotton
  • Approx 11"
  • Filled with pure wool
  • Made in Germany