Senger Stuffed Animals

young child lying on a senger warming deer

Welcome to our collection of Senger stuffed animals, where each cuddly friend is made to last a lifetime. Run by Sabine and Volker Senger, this German company prides itself on producing the best of the best stuffed animals that will be cherished by children for many years.

Each Senger toy is handcrafted by artisan makers in a charming, mountain village in Germany. The impeccable quality standards and the highest ecological standards are met in each toy, ensuring that Senger remains in harmony with nature and leaves the world a better place for your little ones.

We pride ourselves in maintaining one of the most extensive collections of Senger in the USA. You will find a wide variety of animals such as bunnies, bears, dogs, horses, hedgehogs, pigs, geese, sheep, and more, all made from certified organic cotton and filled with pure wool. If you don't see it, chances are, we can get it.

Senger offers two types of stuffed animals: the traditional "floppy" version and the "cuddly animals" version which comes with inserts that can be warmed or cooled. These inserts are typically made of grapeseeds, cherry pits, or spelt, adding an extra level of comfort to your child's new cuddly friend.

At Senger, safety is a top priority, and all of their products comply with US and European safety standards. Gifting your child a Senger stuffed animal is like gifting them a friend for life.